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Mercedes Hp problem

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lolmit Level 171 Scania Mercedes 4
Hey guys,
How you managed with the mercedes poor life? i mean i level 172 and i found my self die alot because the poor mercedes life ....
Any suggestions? its come when i fight Chaos boss but when i fight with monster with 2-4k damage..
Posted: December 2017 Permalink


ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
+1 HP problems can be remedied in a lot of ways.

Dark Knights, Mihiles, and if I remember correctly Dawn Warriors all give it with their Legion effects.

Kaisers, Beast Tamers, and Cannoneers all give it through their link skills.

Starforce gives a bit of HP (and defense) for every star. By the time you're at 140 stars you'll have basically no survivability issues.

I had the same problem on my merc til I gave her a bit of funding. Of these 3 I'd say Starforce is the most important.
Dec 24 2017

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