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Mercedes upgrading

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msnite Level 230 Scania Kanna 4
So I will slowly upgrade gear on mercedes, any order I should do it in? Also I plan to icog my cra (not weapon) Also what do you guys recommend for hyper stat distribution
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sprinkle Level 220 Windia Phantom 4 Revelation Guild See what games, anime & art sprinkle is intoJess
As a general idea for cubing I would do:
weapon / secondary > emblem > gollux > other accessories (sw/shoulder) > tyrants > cra

Would be a good idea not to equip your gollux or accessories until you get stat%/dex% in case you roll high % of another stat that you could sell.

Hyper stats depend on what your stats look like.
Damage > Boss / Crit / Pdr
Divide your points rather than solely maxing one or two because the higher the star level the more points it requires.
Jun 30 2016

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