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Meringue is recruiting Windia

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xxrinnbooxx Level 204 Windia Bishop Meringue Guild
Hey guys! It's the leader of Meringue here, from Windia. We're currently recruiting as long as your character is your main and you're really nice! (And don't scam). If you'd like to join, just leave a message here and request on maple! xx. (P.S, We do carry, help fund, and have an active alliance with the guild Locust. They're like our sister guild.)
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pokiitia Level 250 Bera Phantom 4
sounds like a plan. hue.
Feb 03 2016
chaosmage222 Level 194 Windia Wild Hunter 4
I'd like to join~
Feb 03 2016
steven4931 Level 151 Bellocan Night Lord
I sent a request to join
Feb 03 2016
Sent a request and told 2 people in the guild i wanted to join
Feb 18 2016
humzahumza Level 172 Scania Aran 4
hey guys if anyone is in scania i need a guild hit me up
Feb 18 2016
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