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Mihile 2mil-2mil Screen

By bernie

bernie Level 210 Bellocan Mihile 4
Apr 17 2015 finally achieved it!!!

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BuccOrToo Level 247 Bera Cannoneer 4
switch your gear to a hero trust
Apr 18 2015
why is your accuracies capped ~13k?
Apr 19 2015
FlamyHeavens Level 199 Galicia Corsair Solus Guild
ok now go for no1 mihile in gms
ez game since no one plays mihiel
Apr 19 2015
Bernie Level 210 Bellocan Mihile 4
@liam i got over +400% str and +60att%
@generalstore i will once i remember the password of my youtube account
Apr 20 2015

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