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Can Mihile equip fighter gear?


Hey guys, I have had a Mihile for a while but never really use it. Last year I got a full set of Maple Treasure Equips for my Hero but never bothered ...

Should i try to be first 250 mihlieno reboot


Do you all think it's worth trying to be first 250 mihile? I know the one in reboot is 250 but most count reboot as it's own ranking just cu...

Mihiles unite


What happened to the dankest class in all of Maplestory - Mihile...

Incoming changes to Mihile


Hello everyone, first i would like to start out with a bit of background. I recently (about a month ago) started playing in reboot as many of you have...

Reboot Mihile Need tips


Hey guys, i recently decided to main Mihile in reboot he is currently lvl 170. However, theres hardly any information on the class so i was wondering ...

Mihile Bossing/Grinding


Hey all! I have a Mihile that I've been neglecting in Reboot for some time now. I just reached third job on him and I was wondering how he is...

5th job video


After some research, i found a video showing our 5th job skills :D

What did you achieve on your mihile?


[header]Mihile, the Knight of Light, Achievement Thread[/header] [i]"The mightiest hero can come from the humblest beginnings"[/i] Since th...

Mihile 5th Job


Stuff I would like for 5th job mihile would be a mobbing skill that hits 8 enemies and more aoes so we can match up with DS in training, what do you g...

Mihile at New Dojo


Cant kill Magnus feelsbadman Edit: cleared it boyz screen:

Is "Radiant Cross: Spread" useless for mobbing?


So initially I thought RC: Spread would be amazing to use since it creates another sprite which basically does 200% for 7 seconds, with the additional...

So, how are you guys enjoying the new Mihile?


I'm a long time MS player who came back for the Reboot server, and made a Mihile because he seemed to me like kind of an old school warrior with the ...

I thought Soul Driver was bad at mobbing...


And then I got Trinity's almost like they went Trinity should be that awful 2nd job skill you suffer through, then Soul ...

Final farewell to Radiant Blast


Oh, You terrible move, You have guided me through so much. From when I was a whippersnapper fresh out of 3rd job, you kept me safe from dangerous mobs...

Mihile Link skill


So I'm making a mihile for the link and I noticed it changed from stance to a barrier. However the skill description says it still gives stance as a ...

Soul Link might be glitched.


I started a Mihile in reboot and I think I might have noticed a problem... Soul link "+5% damage per party member" Doesn't seem to work...

Mihile's Arkarium Prequest: Lambent Light


Hello I am facing an urgent issue (this is from reboot server, not sure if it makes any difference) Today I decided to do the Arkarium quest for Cygn...

Mihile's Hallowed Ground


Anyone know where this hidden street is for the lambent essence quest? it tells me where it kinda is but the description is so vague im having a hard ...

Mihile Chaos Vellum Solo


Finally was able to do it!!! i tried before reboot but i think it was rele impossible.... ill upload full video later [url=

Mihile Link Skill Max Level - 2 or 3?


Hi I'm getting conflicted information in game about Mihile link skill. On Mihile himself the link skill master level says it is 3. http://steamcommun...

Mihile gear


Okay, im thinking of making a mihile my main, in terms of gear what should I focus my meso on first and so on so forth?...

Mihile Quest-line Abrupt Ending?


So I got bored and decided to do Mihile's quests, does it just end after "Another Mission from Neinheart" or am I missing something?...

Mihile / Mikhail Revamp What do you think of it?


Finally Mihile's get revamp for once! From what I'm seeing from the patch notes, I love their rework! [url=

How to scroll my gear?


I just want to know if it's better to scroll every piece of armor I have with 30% spell trace or to wait until I have Incredible chaos scroll?...

Attack speed ability on Mihile


Would attack speed be useless on a mihile? I'm not sure but maybe mihile hits hard cap with a 1h sword + self boosters + green mpe pot + dsi? I'm no...

Is there an Mlc for my man Mihile?


There are a ton of stuff that could be discussed and worked on right now and post-Reboot...

sub 6 dojo

13 looks like getting under 6 mins is possible without dsi gloves :D...

Rare Fire Flower Quest


So I just got the quest Slower than wind. And it says I need to collect rare fire flowers from North Rocky Ridge. However there are only normal fire f...

Which Sylph ring is best for mihile


So before i assumed the min crit damage was best on everybody, but mihiles crit rate is low but that being said crit rate is easier to get than crit d...

Why is Mihile underplayed


Why is Mihile underplayed? I like their old school DW skill (My first char was a DW a few years ago), and their Buccaneer Blast looks super cool. Why ...