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Min crit vs stat on gloves

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lolsmacker Level 10 Scania Blade Recruit
Hello, I'm wondering what would be the best pot to opt for on my gloves considering I have 61% crit, 73% min crit, 97% max crit with Sharp Eyes and Combat Orders, and 14k str (I used to have around 14.7k with 15%str on my gloves). I feel like str % feels better due to my current crit rate, but I am not too sure.

Posted: May 2016 Permalink


laurico Level 78 Bera Battle Mage 3
Min crit is much better than % stat given that you have 100% crit, which should be one of the main priorities for every class as criticals give a massive damage boost.

Even if you are planning to stay with that 61% crit rate, min crit should still be better than % stat
May 08 2016
streqx Level 210 Windia Wild Hunter 4 Anthem Guild
Having main-ed Shade, I'd suggest to go for 100% crit-rate although it makes the Critical Rate passive redundant.
It's much easier to obtain 100% critical than to cap non-critical hits.
Once you get 100% critical rate, %MIN and %MAX crit become super beneficial.
May 09 2016

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