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Mini pianus Screen

By yingmakes

yingmakes Level 201 Windia Corsair
Jun 21 2013 It finally dropped!

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steven7x23 Level 158 Bera Marksman
I imagined a bigger body.
Jun 21 2013
Aiacu Level 203 Bera Dark Knight
+24 Duckface now has a new meaning. But in comparison to Facebook-girls, this fish pulls it off.
Jun 21 2013
yingmakes Level 201 Windia Corsair
Wait, is he sitting on a toilet seat?[/quote]

That's where he was when I killed him. :s
Jun 21 2013
RoodJood Level 204 Scania Wind Archer 4
+6 LoL, the first thing I saw on the picture was a toilet on the backround LOOL
Jun 21 2013
Fierce [/quote]

What in oblivion? Where is the rest of your head?
Jun 21 2013

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