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Mmv - light em up Video

By copperchan

copperchan Level 172 KradiaEMS Battle Mage 4
Apr 18 2015 Made an MMV, hope you enjoy it! Happy Mapling

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Darknite388 Level 221 Yellonde Wild Hunter 4
Dam it is pretty amazing... 100x better than anything Nexon could come up with

Great match with the song as well.

(Never seen the MV with the CRA bosses? Link plz )
Apr 19 2015
whotookmycookie Level 212 Broa Blade Master Emcy Guild
wowww I really liked this! some of my favorite things: Maple and FOB
Apr 19 2015
Voxous Level 209 Windia Blade Master Teased Guild
Normally, I am not a fan of these sort of things. This was actually pretty awesome.
Apr 20 2015
grawp77 Level 219 Khaini I/L Arch Mage
Amazing Ronald
We are gonna need more like this
Apr 20 2015

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