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Modern Maple in Past Maple

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bannanna Level 210 Scania Marksman
As the title says. Imagine if some good things that exist now, were made back then (pre-bb or so). I'll give some examples: Hyper Skills, lvl 60 3rd job + lvl 100 4th job, Reward Shop, Difficulty settings for bosses, RA (not cra, no party would be able to beat it), cubes from bosses, High item drop rates, starforce monsters (at a much lesser extent, no one could reach 70 stars back then ), Set Effects

In my opinion, these things if implemented back when I was much younger would have made the game MUCH better. Especially level 60 3rd job, as I once got stuck at 58 because it was so tedious to try and grind to level 70 for another advancement when training spots sucked. And it would motivate me to try to get to much higher levels to try hyper skills (albeit they would be much less flashy since nothing was back then).
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ZeroSuited Level 210 Nova Zero Transcendent
I would've loved for potions to drop more frequently in old maple. Now all they do is fill up my inventory. If only they were raindeer milk or sunset dews...
Jul 19 2015
smartguy1801 Level 202 Scania Zero Transcendent Exalted Guild
Cant change the way maple is, sorry. The best we can do are two things, enjoy maple, quit maple, or three, play ms2, which is my choice in the future.
Jul 19 2015
gGreg Level 142 Scania Beginner
I remember back then 20 luk or any stat lvl 11 t-shirts were like 400m lol
Jul 19 2015
I think it's a better topic to discuss what could be improved or return from Old Maple. Such as Perm NX for double the 90-day Price. Or Perm Hyper Rocks... Or Massive Spawns in towns from GM events where tombstones of noobs all over the place. Or Summoning Sacks so I can kill AFK henehoes.

Easily things we are blessed with now would have made Past Maple better, that's why they added / changed it.
I wouldn't like a game that doesn't patch or update.
Jul 19 2015
bannanna Level 210 Scania Marksman
Except these "good things" that you talked about turned old maple into the current maple[/quote]

current maple is slightly different as the focuses of the past were different. If back then they changed the level requirements for job advancement, no one would say they made the game too easy. Instead, they would praise nexon for what they did. Same for the controversial cubes back then. If they made cubes available from drops back then, it might have been more accepted. Now, if there was ksh and other gamebreaking things such as 2x every weekend, that's a different story.
Jul 19 2015
Momijii Level 165 Khaini Legend
Or Perm Hyper Rocks.[/quote]
they already said that those were never coming back, and from a business standpoint, a perm hyper rock is a loss for Nexon no matter what.
Jul 19 2015
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