Monster Book Title Stats

TitleLevel 10 StatsScore
Victoria Island FriendsHP +5010
Rien FriendsHP +5010
Edelstein FriendsHP +5010
Kerning CityAvoid +2030
Kerning SquareAvoid +2050
ElliniaMP +5040
SleepywoodATK +5, DEF +5090
PerionHP +5040
HenesysACC +2030
Mushroom CastleJump +330
Overlooked VillagesSpeed +350
EdelsteinDEF +5050
Verne MineDEF +50, M.DEF +5055
Nihal DesertMP +50, M.DEF +5090
MagatiaM.ATK +5, INT +10110
LudibriumHP +100, DEF +100160
Clocktower Bottom FloorHP +3%DEF +50
Ellin ForestHP +50, DEF +5090
Aqua RoadM.ATK +6%, M.DEF +100240
OrbisSpeed +3, Jump +1060
El NathATK +5, DEX +1060
Dead MineATK +2%, M.ATK +2210
Omega Sector and Korean VillageINT +10, MP +5080
Mu LungPDR -15%, 2% invincible 7 seconds320
LeafrePDR -30%, All Skills +1680
Temple of Timerecover 47 HP/MP at 3% chance when attacking285
Mushroom ShrineM.DEF +3%, 15% chance regain 80 MP after kill240
Ninja CastleSpeed +6, Jump +6190
Showa VillageAvoid +4%, All Stat +5180
Silent CrusadePDR -15%, All Stat +3%240
Hoblin KingPDR -15%, All Stat +3%90
Von LeonATK +1%, Total Damage +1%195
Henesys RuinsATK +3%, Magic +3%600

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