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Monster book Screen

By GazimoEnthra

GazimoEnthra Level 212 Bera Evan 10th Growth
Jun 04 2013 I'm almost done! I just need a few more annoying cards, empress, PB, the 3 goblins, papa pixie, and poison golem.

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crazymaster Level 200 Bellocan Hero
Just need an Empress (easy enough to get with a group of people) and a Coco card (I'll never finish my book QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ)...
Jun 05 2013
TehResisting Level 200 Broa Mechanic 4
Why do I feel like you were trying to showoff that legendary Tyrant or is it anvil
Congrats nonetheless, had 459 before the Sakura Castle change, exactly two weeks before, I found a Castellan after all that searching and now the card is easy to get >w<
Jun 05 2013
TehResisting Level 200 Broa Mechanic 4
@CherryLigers Yeah, I know xD just funny seeing the tyrant easily and clearly.
Jun 05 2013

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