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Monster isnt spawningneed help

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Okay so i'm trying to finish the Kerning Mall monster card set and I have every card except for blue/yellow/pink perfume. For some reason, those monsters aren't spawning in
any of the mall's maps. Even when I hover above the area names on the world map, it doesn't say that they spawn, so i'm lacking these 3 cards which I need to finish the set.
Is this a bug/glitch? Or do I have to be doing the area's questline for them to spawn? Help please
Posted: October 2013 Permalink


Mrmangof Level 200 Khaini Wild Hunter 4
Aren't they in the 1st floor or the 2nd floor? The spawn rate is really low. ;3
Oct 07 2013
mark85 Level 170 Broa Corsair
on floor 5 and 6 look for the door and they are in it in area A
Oct 07 2013
Vearmoth Level 165 Broa Hero
They have their own map for them to spawn.

I think it was near the Fuma on 2 floor
Oct 07 2013
@mrmangot turns out they had their own map in 5th/6th that wasnt visible on the world map
@mark85 Found them, thanks
@vearmoth yeah, they've got their own map on 5/6
Thanks guys~
Oct 07 2013

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