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Monsterpoly is a Coin Farm

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ShiraokaJinja Level 203 Bera Mercedes 4 See what games, anime & art ShiraokaJinja is intoShiraokaJinja
It's so easy that I can [url=]play simultaneously [/url]a few games and win. I've won 9 times in a row on my main account today, and each win gives 3 coins.
Losses give 2 coins (I haven't lost first, so I don't know about last place).

EDIT: [url=]This guy probably has more computer screens though[/url]

By the way, this is a joke, I don't play on 8 computers anymore, I play on only a few at a time.
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EggTree Level 200 Galicia Wind Archer 4
what the hell.....
May 01 2014
williamme Level 205 Windia Mercedes 4
BRB, I need to go purchase a dozen laptops to farm a few coins.
May 01 2014
Kanji Level 160 Demethos Demon Avenger 4
Oh hey, I'll just be taking one of those...

On topic: Getting last place gives you one coin. And I agree, it's a great coin farm. Fun too
May 01 2014
LoveDocABC Level 156 Broa Shadower
Ur electric bill must be insanely high. Or maybe your using all the nuclear power radiation that room is emitting. Jokes aside, ill definitely try the monopoly and the evolution combo. I need those scrolls.
May 01 2014
djmaxaaron Level 200 Khaini Blade Master
I want to be a NEET like shiro and Sora
May 01 2014
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