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Moon and stars? LOL Screen

By musicforlife

Oct 22 2014 A picture I drew last year, when I had my tablet.

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yoyotwistap65 Level 193 Kradia Zero Transcendent
+1 I thought that was an afro
Oct 23 2014
MeiGuiHua Level 160 Windia I/L Arch Mage
i wish the bulbous eyes would be cuter like in your screen and the hairclip is backwards
Oct 23 2014
Bobaful Level 210 Scania Kanna 4
The suspenders are slipping off.
Oct 24 2014
osmund Level 108 KradiaEMS Night Lord
Good work , keep it up!
Oct 27 2014
LostMyJob Level 81 Scania Priest
Where do i go to get my hair done like that?
Oct 30 2014

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