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More Aran nerfs inc

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fumumu Level 250 Bellocan Aran 4
KMS ver. 1.2.263

Polearm Booster Polearm Booster: attack speed boost has been decreased from 3 stages to 2 stages
Drain Drain: HP healed has been decreased (at max level it is 2% max HP drained which doesn't seem like its any different from last patch...?)
Cleaving Attack Cleaving Attack: damage boost has been decreased from 30% to 10%


Polearm booster nerf not a big deal as we can use DSI. Drain nerf is probably to do with the hp increase. Cleaving attack uncalled for.

Don't understand why we're getting so many nerfs when there are still many classes who get better boss timers and are far stronger dps wise not to mention have far higher skill % values. Ours were lowered to dirt. Aran being at the top of a KMS chart doesn't mean anything as it is not a correct representation of how classes rank in power currently.

It seems like we should be afraid of future patches as it simply means more butchery to the class.

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mrpirate Level 199 Windia Buccaneer
@sous: wut about lumi's? i still dont get what it does
Aug 19 2016
hyperfire7 Level 230 Bera Aran 4 See what games, anime & art hyperfire7 is intohyperfire7
It's alright, at least the nerf is damage %, not final damage.
Maybe they thought we were getting OP because of 5th job enhancement cores. It's typical of Nexon to nerf recently revamped classes anyways.

But now I would have to farm skill cores for DSI when 5th job comes out...sigh.
Aug 19 2016
fumumu Level 250 Bellocan Aran 4
I suppose but it feels like they're just trying to find any skills that increase our damage and either nerf or remove them. I just don't understand why we're getting shafted so much because of Adrenaline mode. Something that lasts 20 seconds and takes a while to charge up. Outside the skill we can't choose when we want to activate it either.

As for them nerfing recently revamped classes, yeah they did that after the test server and then again not too long after. That alone was enough, but since then they have nerfed us non stop in every patch that includes skill changes. I also see no major damage nerfs for Blaster which is even more recent than Aran. Best part? It's actually overpowered and way stronger than Aran.
Aug 19 2016
star909 Level 220 Windia Phantom 4
@mrpirate: 5th job lumi summons a, uh, door? that attacks enemeies 10 timews and can only be summoned during equilbrium mode. It's not that great for GMS players since they cant go into equilbrium mode as often. I'm not sure what's better honestly (I think aran and lumi's 5th attack at the same rate?)

@hyperfire7: lvl 1 dsi is good enough and if you're going to farm cores for the stat bonus, dont bother it's only 4 stat. If you're farming for more duration I guess that's somewhat reasonable but you dont have to (lvl 1 is 183s duration 180s cd)
Aug 19 2016
As a Mech, I feel y'all Arans right now.
Aug 19 2016
polearmonkey Level 187 Reboot Aran 4
wow the one class I main after trying out all of them. Why neon?!
Aug 19 2016
sous Level 155 Galicia Aran 4
@mrpirate: From videos i've seen it looks like its affect happens again after a delay.
Aug 21 2016
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