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Most dramatic and heartbreaking deaths in anime?

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Herosgate Level 143 Windia Buccaneer
What do you think is the most dramatic and heartbreaking deaths in anime?

Mine would be Ace's death in One piece, and how Luffy is just shattered.
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HolyDragon Level 182 Windia Bishop
Lelouch from Code Geass.
Jan 15 2012
Inb4 android 16

OT: I haven't watched a lot of tragic animes. So probably when Sayaka died. The feeling was there for her arc; you can anticipate it.
Jan 15 2012
Makoto in School Days.
Jan 15 2012

Why would anyone wanna die for Sasuke?
Jan 15 2012
Wrath from the fma movie conquerer of shambalalalalalalalala

Or the old grandpa ninja from fma brotherhood who failed at blowing himself up

Or the little girl that scar killed near the beginning of the original fma anime (forgot her name, got turned into s chimera)
Jan 15 2012
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