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Most expensive item you ever bought

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Ben1214 Level 203 Scania Shade 4
What's the most expensive item you have ever bought?
Mine was a godly raccoon mask I bought it for 17b (back when max was 2.147b so it was a huge pain lol)

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Pereeia Level 232 Windia Zero Transcendent
Empress 1 handed mace for 1.1b.

Jun 16 2014
Ishka Level 211 Arcania Xenon 4 Solus Guild
15% all stat decent sharp eyes perfected emp gloves. meso cost came to about 8b
Jun 16 2014
Caeg Level 241 Windia Corsair Trill Guild See what games, anime & art Caeg is intoCaeg
Trumpet for 3bill (Thanks nexon)
Clover corsage for 2.4bill
I did buy a bundle for a Steel Pipe, Super Snowboard, and a Blue Musketeer Cape (Thanks again Nexon) for 10bill also.
Jun 16 2014
Ruew Level 140 Scania Demon Avenger 4
clean LGR for 10b when they just came out, resold it for profit instantly though
Jun 16 2014
Garro Level 185 Reboot Dawn Warrior 4
A Kaiser's Mastery Book for 30m :v
Jun 16 2014
Raiden Level 209 Scania Aran 4 See what games, anime & art Raiden is intoRaiden
1.5b for a Rosemary Tea overall. I couldn't really justify spending that much on an outfit before, but I have the money now.
Jun 16 2014
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