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Most fun explorer in your opinion

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Albums Level 173 Bera Dark Knight
Title. Be as biased and subjective as you want
Posted: October 2014 Permalink


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GunsTheSparkle Level 204 Bera Dark Knight

Oct 17 2014
Buster1651 Level 215 Scania Night Lord
Night lord. I aint biased at all

Foreal tho even if i wasn't an NL I would still think Thieves were the funniest with their flashy and speedy attacks.
Oct 17 2014
SlyOne Level 210 Khaini Marksman
Dark Knight pre BB :'(

Marksman, Dark Knight, Corsair, Cannoneer
Oct 17 2014
chief bandit, well atleast during 2010, i dont know what the skills are now.[/quote]

they're bad now lol
Oct 17 2014
iyours Level 200 Scania Night Lord
@def3nse: requisite in pace ;-;
Oct 17 2014
johnadrianli Level 212 Bera Dark Knight
NLs and Drks.
#notbiased #spin4millenia
Oct 17 2014
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