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Most memorable and nostalgic Maplestory Video for me

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thesecret Level 144 Scania Kaiser 4
In response to the other thread ^^

I remember watching this video 6 years ago and loved it.
It got me addicted to Linkin Park back then and really made me love Maple.

God, I even remember doing this PQ as a Chief Bandit partying. Never got past Leviathan
RIP Best PQ ever
RIP 50k damage per line considered godly

Here is the video:

Anyone else remember this amazing PQ?
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thesecret Level 144 Scania Kaiser 4
@juxos: bwahahaha, I remember that video
I also remember that video about the Godly Snail who could not die!
Jan 17 2016
commanderkser Level 120 Scania Corsair
the game before was fun but there is that feeling that always hurts
that when i was a noob i used to make plans on how i could increase my damage and make money
the thing is back then when u try to predict the future, u realize that u will work so hard to achieve very little increase
u work so hard to get these shoes for jump scrolls or helmet for dex and all u can get is like +40 dex on an item if u sold ur soul for it
u might put 100x the effort but just do twice the damage than normal players
Jan 17 2016
saru79 Level 210 Bera Night Lord
Dang, I loved that party quest.
Jan 17 2016
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