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Motherboard question

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dexslayer Level 133 Demethos Jett 4
Do motherboards have hdmi ports? I'm wondering since i wanna build a pc with an APU in it...
Posted: February 2014 Permalink


dontran18 Level 98 Bellocan Cannoneer 1
Uhmm I have no clue but my graphic card has a HDMI port. Just yesterday I hooked my computer up with my TV
Feb 16 2014
Kid24 Level 86 Khaini Night Walker 3
Some motherboards have an integrated graphics card which has HDMI.
Feb 16 2014
drager260 Level 180 Scania Zero Transcendent
Most of the time they do have HDMI ports. Just look at the specifications of the mobo, it'll tell you there.
Feb 16 2014

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