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Mr. Rasfelt - ATK 68 Screen

By pikachu44

Jan 19 2011 My inv was full and i scrolled... well i bought it scrolled
enched and poted by me
bether than my gun befor this one

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he is a gun slinger. and there is already a lv 75 mech in gms (lveled a citizen to 75 then advanced)[/quote]

Theres levels 120+ Mechs rite now. LOL
Jan 20 2011
Wow level 71 Mechanic already? Wow! Pro[/quote]
i was bored and did that
i had that even befor mech came
Jan 20 2011
Mine blew up when I was enhancing it right before mechs came out. 70att
Jan 21 2011
Even before 50 % scrolls and potential i had a 78 att rasfelt on my slinger
Jan 21 2011
i bought one in fm fully scrolled
then eed it and poted
fave to my friend which quited and refusez to give it back
gave away 16 pinkys for a Pizza Slice
thats allmoust all copyed but the commands
yes i think my gun is on his char but he wont give back
THAT RASIST BASTARD (not rasist but dmb)
May 03 2011

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