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Ms Crashing constantly

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Hi guys, I have this problem since 30 mins ago I was on my evan going up to the cave of life... And I suddenly got dced when I reached the entrance of Dragon forest... Relogged... and I got dced again... tried and tried like 10 times until I decided to use a Nearest scroll town. While I was in town, the game was running smoothly. Then again, I went to the rash maps and happened the same, I got dced... I thought it was a glitched/bugged map, but now I've tried it with different characters in different maps and the same happened...
Is that my account? My MS files? Can you give me an advice please?
Btw, I'm already downloading it for re-installing it... So, don't tell me to do that.

Thanks in advance ): Hope someone knows the answer
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im having the same issue
Jun 28 2012
Mazon Level 188 Windia Demon Avenger 4
im having a problem with just starting the game. the screen will pop up but after a while it will close and say something about the server
Jun 28 2012
Nintendude Level 114 Scania Phantom 3
lol eff this patch so hard. extend the patch for 2 hours then mess everything up.

typical nexon of america.
Jun 28 2012
thatKidBad Level 221 Scania Night Lord See what games, anime & art thatKidBad is intothatKidBad
I dont know about anyone else, but whenever i first run maplestory,i get disconnected from the login server. It only ever works on the second try.
Jun 28 2012
setsuna169 Level 152 Scania Luminous 4
At least it's opening for you, I can't even get Maple to launch.
Jun 28 2012
screwriod Level 183 Windia Xenon 4
i have this issue where i keep crashing wenever i click windia and clicked a cc i randomly crashed >.<
i think somebodys locking my acc -________- plz
Jun 28 2012
Mazon Level 188 Windia Demon Avenger 4
im going to wait it out. I think theres alot of people on than normal and like the usual hot times, the servers are trying to catch up.
Jun 28 2012
iceman14501 Level 180 Scania Zero Transcendent
Above twice ^^^^ i have the same thing happen to me
Jun 28 2012
Kalsta Level 203 Khaini Xenon 4
Probably just the game, and the fact that tens of thousands of players have been trying to get on all at once. And we just had a pretty big update; in case you're new (not assuming you are, just saying... ), Maple rarely runs smoothly after a big update.

You can try reinstalling but I doubt that's going to help a whole lot for the next day or two >.< If this is something new ( ie- your computer ran smoothly before the update ), then it's probably just Maple being Maple.
Jun 28 2012
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