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Mu Lung Dojo?

Bishop Forum Talk about Cleric, Priest and Bishop

Meichrob7 Level 140 Zenith Demon Avenger 4
Wouldn't clerics be really good there? With Mp eater and Heal the lack of potions in the dojo wouldn't matter.
Posted: October 2012 Permalink


Meichrob7 Level 140 Zenith Demon Avenger 4
At lv 200, shure. But what about at, lets say lvl 100?
Oct 12 2012
Happy2Days Level 208 Bera Bishop
For sure heal is useful in later rounds but well...let's just that timing with skills/attacks are more important to nail top 50
Oct 12 2012
terw123 Level 204 Bera Bishop
@happy2days actually it hardly matters anymore. I saw someone with a 35min time get a glove and the board is never full anymore. It does matter for rank 10- though
Oct 14 2012
Deadly1337 Level 200 Bera Bishop
in my experience, bishops have the least problem finishing ranked dojo, but our dps is painfully limited in every way shape and form, classes like mercedes have the best going for them with their passive 4% hp/mp restore every x seconds and their insane dpm
Oct 14 2012
Happy2Days Level 208 Bera Bishop
well that's kind of true given that dojo gloves now last a week
but it also depends the time of the day and when dojo is counted
during early morning weekdays, I can be extremely lazy, get a 23mins time and still get the gloves
on weekends during "busy play times", I'm better off achieving sub 16mins to make it
Oct 14 2012
UNfazed Level 211 Reboot Night Lord
I don't think MP eater works against bosses...I just turn off magic guard and grab the 10000 hp boost at later rounds.
Usually if I use infinity every 3 minutes I never run out of mana
Oct 17 2012
hiei909 Level 203 Scania Wind Archer 4 Meaningful Guild
i have no issues with dojo, i did it in 20 mins occasionally less. nd normally i have a lot of mp and hp
Oct 17 2012
nc4228 Level 205 Kradia Bishop
Bishops are really good because of heal. Idk if mp eater works but I don't think so. Anyways, with the proper mp conservation, u can easily take on normal and hard modes. If u are funded enough, u can maybe do ranked mode though this is extremely hard...
Oct 17 2012

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