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Planetside 2 (PC, Playstation 4)

Planetside 2 is an MMOFPS where players are sent to the planet of Auraxis. Upon making a new soldier, they are sworn allegiance to one of three unique factions;

The Terran Republic- The authoritarian government of Auraxis. They strive to bring peace and order throughout Auraxis, but often achieve the peace through an iron fist of oppressive control. Their weapons boast some of the fastest fire rates in the game, with above average magazine capacity, but have average stopping power and controllability.

The New Conglomerate- A rebel movement that was formed to put an end to the Terran Republic's oppressive regime. They hold to the belief "A miserable free man is better off than a content slave." They fight for freedom for everyone. Their guns have the highest stopping power per round, and decent bullet velocity. Their drawbacks are high recoil, and generally low rates of fire making CQC more difficult for them.

The Vanu Sovereignty- A cult of people who worship an ancient alien race/deity discovered on Auraxis, called Vanu, as well as the technology "their wisdom has imparted to them." They dislike the Terran Republic that restricts their freedom to research and study the secrets of Vanu unfettered with by law. However, they are not fond of the New Conglomerate because of their belief that everyone should be free, while the Vanu think that the only way for humanity to advance is for everyone to embrace Vanu's teachings and technology. The Vanu weapons fire superheated plasma (lasers) and have very controllable recoil and no bullet drop even at far ranges. Their downsides are low stopping power and generally have the middle ground for rate of fire.

So now, with allegiance sworn, you are dropped into one of the four continents of Auraxis to wage massive scale war. Tanks, aircraft, and infantry all play a role in the open world warzone of Auraxis. You choose what battles you go to, you choose how to get there, and you choose what strategy will best overcome your opponents. Battles over territory can be anywhere from 1 on 1 to literal hundreds vs. hundreds fighting over a single piece of territory.
Infantry classes include;
Infiltrator- a unit who can use cloaking to achieve things other classes can't. Either as a long range sniper, or a close range, special operative who gets in behind enemy lines by hacking their terminals that generate vehicles and other things, crippling their ability to fight.

Light Assault- infantry troops outfitted with a jetpack and a carbine who excel at CQC and outmaneuvering the opposition with their flight. Carbines don't generally perform well at medium or long ranges, but can outdamage most other weapons at close range. Getting the drop on opponents is what light assaults do best.

Combat Medic- the standard footsoldier, yet the strongest all around infantry unit. While they don't have jetpacks or cloaking, they have the ability to make or break a team's push. To keep a squad on their feet fighting or be laying dead next to them. They have a medical applicator that can heal and revive fallen comrades. Their main weapon, the assault rifle, is the most adaptable form of weapon on Auraxis. They can have CQC specializations or mid-long range options. They can optimize for every situation.

Engineer- the backbone of any vehicle or MAX (see below) push. Engineers have the ability to repair all non-organic components of the battlefield. Additionally, they can keep their teammates supplied with ammunition when attacking or defending a position. They are equipped with carbines, and fare best with mid range weapons.

Heavy Assault- a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, the heavy assaults are far less mobile than light assaults, but exceptionally powerful. They are equipped with an overshield in their suit that slows their movement, but greatly improves their survivability in different ways, by either reducing damage received or increasing their health for a period of time. They are also equipped with LMGs that can fill a long range, suppressive fire role or a frontal assault role.

MAX- MAX units are endoskeletons that soldiers can equip (at a hefty resource cost) to enhance their combat capabilities. They wield two weapons, have 80% small arms damage reduction, and have special abilities based on the faction allegiance of the one equipping it.

Now you know what the units are, you can decide what role would best suit you for the massive scale war ahead. It is good to have experience in one support role, one offensive role, and how to generally operate a MAX suit.

In all, Planetside 2 is a remarkable experience that has been vastly improved since it's release in 2012. Gameplay feels more balanced between factions, and weapons feel more impactful than they did at launch. For all PS4 gamers, the game is currently in beta, but will release soon for PS4