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My 2nd character to reach 100! Screen

By rokindit82 100AnchorDWLevelMP3

rokindit82 Level 142 Broa Corsair
Jun 11 2011 This is my second character to reach 100 woohoo.

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Whoa, a Dawn Warrior.
Jun 13 2011
MeerCats Level 183 Scania Demon Avenger 4
A 10% Buff everytime you level....A skill that 1 hits most mobs.....CONGRATZ!
Jun 14 2011
No surprise its a DW...
Jun 14 2011
rokindit82 Level 142 Broa Corsair
Lol I was like 99% and all my rings ang WG's were on my other char so I just decided to lvl and I was like "Hey why not lvl?" But yeah crappy dmg for a DW
Jun 16 2011

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