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My Cool Weekend box dissapeared

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Hey guys, so today I logged in to get my cool weekend box, but when I tried to open it, it gave me a message telling me to leave 1 slot in equ and use tab, and 2 in the etc tab. I did but it still wouldn't work. After a relog, I tried again and it didn't work and it disapeared... Anyone else have something similar happen?
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Carveldon Level 120 Renegades Luminous 4
Sorry to hear that. Mine worked just fine. Hope you are able to get your box back.
Dec 14 2013
fun2killu Level 90 Windia Mechanic 3
ya gotta file a tix
Dec 14 2013
kraze159 Level 185 Scania Night Lord
you also need aatleast empty spaces in ur set up
Dec 14 2013
we must storm nexon hq and take what we deserve
Dec 15 2013

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