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Darkwizzie Level 210 Bera Kaiser 4
I did some hair and eye tutorial thing and double clicked the coupon thinking I can see what options I have, but it set my eyes to some random look. Now I look like a giant derp. How am I going to reset my eyes to look like Kaiser defaults? Please help... This blows lol.
Posted: December 2014 Permalink


VoidedDarkness Level 91 Bellocan Dawn Warrior 3
You read through the tutorial it forced to pop up before allowing you to get said coupons, that said "Save your current face or hair before changing it"
Dec 04 2014
Darkwizzie Level 210 Bera Kaiser 4
I've got tons of money to blow, the problem is getting back to what I had before... I have no idea how this NX face change thing works...
Dec 04 2014
Chowder94 Level 184 Bera Hero
You can't obtain **most** classes' defaults once you change them.
Dec 04 2014

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