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By unfaltering

unfaltering Level 204 Bera Battle Mage 4
Jun 07 2015 Trying to draw in maplestory art style except it turned out like typical chibi art. x-x
Any tips to make it more maplestory art-like?

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Lohd Level 229 Bera Bishop
Use really thick lineart and use 4-shade cell shading you should use some of their official art and use it as a reference
Nice attempt tho
Jun 08 2015
Jooce Level 201 Galicia Shade 4 Justaway Guild
I find that the MS character heads aren't circles like you've drawn, but are more like rounded rectangles? I think you've also drawn the hands and fingers too slender, while in MS art, they're more round and cartoony.

Even so, it's very cute.
Jun 08 2015
iLUVhsDONTu2 Level 211 Bera Priest BIackbean Guild
+1 Very cute! I like the pose you used and the ribbon
Tips I have for you is to use a tool that has blending mode to cell-shade because of the fact that MapleStory's official art has very subtle gradients and airbrush. If you are using SAI, the marker or brush tool would be a good example. They also implement a lot of reflective light (google it if you don't know) in their art. For the shading on the hair, it should be more sharp, contrary to your round shadows on the bangs.
Lastly, the right arm (our view) is too big compared to the one on the left.
Jun 08 2015
gGreg Level 142 Scania Beginner
you are so cute
Jun 09 2015

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