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My background Screen

By rudybass01

rudybass01 Level 200 Windia Wind Archer 4
Mar 10 2012 yeah when I have nothing to do @.@

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sakichannnnn Level 207 Bera Shade 4
me and my gf met through Maple, and now we are living together so whats wrong with "maple dating"? people like you disgust me.

OT: nice pic[/quote]

No my dear it's people like you who disgust me. I said inb4ewmapledating
That is not the same as me disliking maple dating. IN BEFORE means I'm saying what I want to say BEFORE someone says it.
I have no problem with maple dating. Please read more carefully before you start problems
Mar 10 2012
This is nice, I would imagine the male saying something in French.
Mar 10 2012
Shir Level 135 Windia Dawn Warrior 4
Mar 10 2012
DrHye Level 90 Windia Marauder
Was unclear though ^^[/quote]

No, it was pretty clear what she was saying. She's anticipating comments LIKE that. Doesn't even imply that she agrees with 'em.
Mar 10 2012
Dudade Level 203 Bera Demon Slayer 4
Dating maple, ew<3
Mar 10 2012

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