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My f/p bathtub Screen

By uncleden95

uncleden95 Level 133 Scania Buccaneer
Jul 24 2010 I was bored of cpq so i sat afk in my bathtub and though of this idea.

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Aug 03 2010
Lol... hmm. I dont'understand it?
Or is it soo obvious becaues of the duck saying hey back that he scared him.
Aug 03 2010
ZeroLich Level 144 Khaini Wild Hunter 4
+1 Lmfao its like when your playing with your toys saying goku attack vegata "heeee yaaa" like wtf LOL[/quote]

uuuuuuuuuh.... what.... o.0
Aug 04 2010
omg! i totally talk to the ducky in my tub chair! though we are usually a little more commutative than you and your ducky >.>
Sep 03 2010
Does anyone realize he stole this from asdfmovie?
Oct 07 2010

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