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My first chaos vellum solo Screen

By cherrytigers

cherrytigers Level 212 Windia Phantom 4 Boundless Guild See what games, anime & art cherrytigers is intoCherryTigers
Dec 03 2014 Laggy computer, no graphics card, consistent disconnection... Maplestory bossing has always been a struggle for me, but I finally got my hands on a new computer. Now, I use the words "new computer" very lightly as this computer is actually SLOWER than my old laptop, but because it possess a GRAPHICS CARD, I can finally load Chaos Vellum's graphics, which means I do not auto disconnect anymore.

I made the boast: "As long as I don't disconnect, even if I lag crazily, I can take chaos vellum down." I now present to you guys the product of my very hard work.

This has been a goal of mine for a very long time. I have spent $0 on Maplestory and $0 on computers. Some people depend on money too much and it taints their lives.I wanted to prove to myself that true skill can even trump money.

Merching from nothing to something.. Practicing bossing from nothing to something.. I'll continue to improve myself and maybe one day, my second main, CherryTigers, will also have the opportunity to also solo chaos vellum.

Oh and if you're curious about my new computer, I call him "Frankenstein," because he was built out of scrap parts that were mismatched. The heatsink didn't even fit and the screws used were mismatched, but even so, we drilled holes where they needed to be drilled, fit the whole thing together, and slapped on a graphics card. Laggy and weak processor, yes, but as long as I don't disconnect, I will continue to try my best to take down Maplestory's strongest bosses!

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minkangs Level 163 Bera Shadower
^ lol

I understand how it feels to have a crappy computer and not being able to play the game you like efficiently enough.. I went through the same thing when I used to play Gunbound a decade (wow that's scary) ago. Congrats ~
Dec 04 2014
duriel123 Level 217 Bera F/P Arch Mage
Meanwhile, I still can't dodge rocks with perfect internet connection
Dec 06 2014
EroticSatan Level 51 Scania Cleric
Very inspirational.
Dec 08 2014

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