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My item collection Screen

By Darknight099

Jan 27 2013 Heres my small item collection everything is real except the snowboard is anviled. I used to have more but I traded some to get the stirge skirt. Hope you guys like it

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Oh sorry forgot about those, I have the real bh warrior set but not in the ss, my gloves specs and mask are anviled, this time im 100% certain
Jan 27 2013
Lol how am I a phony? Do I need to ss every single one of them to satisfy you? You can find me in game or ask other collectors that know me, im no phony and I dont like it when someone calls me that
Jan 28 2013
Ecyz Level 210 Reboot Thunder Breaker 4
+1 I call shennanagans on "everything is real except the snowboard is anviled."
proof: Your BH helm, that you have equipped is exclusive to warriors and bowmen, you are nither
proof2: Your heros gloves do not have the "special potential" lines (which is pink/salmon) and that is all I can tell by just looking at this picture. I'm also willing to bet a majority of your "collectors" items are mere anvils.
If you're gonna lie, make sure nobody finds out

OP is a big phony[/quote]
He owns every one of the equips in this Screenshot in non-anviled form, aside from the 3 in your post.

Source: I know him in game, genius.
Feb 26 2013

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