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My mercedes keyboard set up :) Screen

By grimangle

grimangle Level 194 Elnido Mercedes 4
Feb 01 2012 Well this is my setup.. As you can see it's mostly left hand doing the attacking and buffing, while right hand does the moving and potting. Most of my characters have this kind of setup, where attacks are located on A-G, buff on top of that, and rush/jump skills below that "A" is always the 1v1 or main attack skill

have a nice day!

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abi232 Level 209 Scania Dark Knight
So colourful
Feb 01 2012
I don't see why don't you move your cahracter stats key somewhere else then between your main attack skills...
Feb 01 2012
grimangle Level 194 Elnido Mercedes 4
@above good point, but i got so used to stat chart being on "s" that i dont wanna move it anymore lol
Feb 01 2012

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