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My nightlord skill build.

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10 shadow star max tt, 1 venom10 star and test into mw. The xtra % from mw is not as good as maxing tt itself plus having some mw. Or if you don't min having low lvl shadow, u could take some points our of it and put into mw.
Jan 20 2011
There's going to be an SP reset Saturday? Thank God! I accidentally put 3 SP into shadow meso lol
Jan 20 2011
Yea there will be I think Ima revamp my build also and work on getting tt30.
Jan 20 2011
Well that is also a good idea, and you can really choose whichever of the 2 skills I think helps you to train faster/longer, but since u r going to max both shortly anyway, it does not rly matter.
Jan 20 2011
iProxD Level 205 Scania Beginner Mercuria Guild
Go for Shadow Stars 10. The 90 seconds is extremely handy, 2 casts per Shadow Partner. Finish off TT. In terms of MW, you won't need it unless you're at big bosses, but someone else will have it. Also since you have TT30, it overpowers the effect of not having MW20.

I suggest getting an 8x Craven with boss 30 as end game, especially since you have TT30 and Van Leon is coming out soon
Jan 20 2011

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