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capslocker7 Level 216 Windia Buccaneer
Sep 06 2011 So for the longest, I didn't know all you had to do was talk to Kyrin for a NPC.

Finally made my mark :]

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Wait, so everyone can do this? Wouldn't it get full?
Sep 06 2011
piratebladez Level 200 Kradia Buccaneer
You get a spot reserved once you hit level 200, though there's a limit of reservations.[/quote]

is it per class, or per-number of 200s in the server. also, if per class, how many can be there?
Sep 06 2011
I believe its the first 10 of each class per server,
But I've seen at most 8 in a room[/quote]
Wait then how did Fangblade get in all the Warrior places? Or is he in all servers? I know he was there long before they instituted the other 200's but still... unless he moved to MArdia. lol
Sep 06 2011
I just divided by zero.
Sep 06 2011

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