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My pet giant balrog Screen

By Mohammed963

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FaTaLP3NGU1N Level 50 Scania F/P Wizard
Please Explain how this screen got accepted.
Oct 06 2010
LOLOLOL 69 mana elixirs. XD

Edit: I'm blind its 68.
Oct 09 2010
one day i some how killed that balrog yet i still don't know how
one day i was bored so i went in there just to chill and i started randomly attacking the monsters there (even though no dmg was showing)
all of a sudden the balrog dies...i don't know if there was a GM that killed it for me or not or if it was a weird glitch...or if it just dies after a while and respawns but it was epic
i got an SS of it but its deleted now....
Oct 09 2010
Please Explain how this screen got accepted.[/quote]

Same way you got accepted.
Oct 11 2010

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