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My phantom drawing Screen

By sinakone123

sinakone123 Level 205 Bellocan Night Lord
Aug 12 2012 Drew my Phantom, my basil player hasn't been updated yet . Used copic sketch and prisma markers.

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ksc16424 Level 210 Windia Bow Master Raindrop Guild
+2 kawaii~
yay for trad art and copics, and prismacolor markers ^-^
Aug 13 2012
My Dream Girl xD

~Forever Alone T.T
Aug 13 2012
klydekiss Level 202 Windia Blade Master
Ha! Awesome! And adorable Avi I must say. The money sign staff made me laugh though
Aug 13 2012
sinakone123 Level 205 Bellocan Night Lord
haha its the new Pimp Stick from mystic style boes
Aug 13 2012

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