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My take on the R.e.d. Corsair

Corsair Forum Talk about Gunslinger, Outlaw and Corsair

Ipodninja Level 193 Khaini Wind Archer 4

I started up my Mr.DatingAdvice roughly three years ago, back when corsairs had that little boat, boy those were the days. The corsair pre-mutiny had changed the Corsair's playstyle dramatically, removing their only known life, their ship, but also giving them a bunch of buffs and skills that boosted the classes damage greatly.

Things have changed once again with R.E.D. Corsairs have gained much needed maneuverability, weapon atttack, %damage increases, and a few skills. Below i'll go over the new skills and changes.

[i]Pirate basic skills[/i]
Octopush: At Master Level (5): MP Cost: 10, Jumps Further
Amazing flash jump that i absolutely LOVE. It's designed for horizontal movement, which corsairs previously only had recoil shot.

Scurvy Summons : At Master Level (1): MP Cost: 25, Damage: 230%, Duration: 120 sec, Cooldown: 120 sec.

Would be useful if didn't cause D/C upon use. Until it's fixed this skill SHOULD NOT be used.

Changed: Triple Fire [skill=ID87]
Damage increased from 181% to 201%

Cool... i guess? Slightly good for lower level gunslingers, but most of the time you'll be spamming Rapid Blast.

Changed: Rapid Blast [skill=ID75]
Max Enemies hit increased from 4 to 6.

This is just amazing. Really helps leveling a corsair at lower levels. It really slowed down training with your only mobber hitting 4.

Changed: Wings [skill=ID79]
Animation renewed, descent speed increased.

Ever wanted to feel like superman, but much much cooler? This skill is your answer.

Changed: All Aboard [skill=ID1003]
Crew Members blocks Abnormal Status effect, Cooldown: 120 sec

This... this is so incredible. Probably my second favorite change to the corsair class. Because of this corsairs will hardly ever be hit with status effects thanks to having two summons. Only problem is you can't have them out... see Scurvy Summons for the cause.

Changed: Blunderbuster [skill=ID1000]
Damage increased from 450% to 459%
Max Enemies hit increased from 6 to 8.
Basically the hyper skills for this skill was applied to it directly instead of having to add points to the hyper skill, which nobody ever did. Why add hyper skill points to a 3rd job obsolete mobber? This change is a welcome one.

Changed: Cross Cut Blast [skill=ID1001]
From Can be used on 700 bullets to Duration: 180 sec.

This is what the skill should have been. Nuff' said.

[i]The Perfect Corsair[/i]
NEW Broadside
Hold down the skill key to constantly fire shells. These shells will explode after 0.9 seconds dealing a massive amount of damage. Every 5th bomb shot will either instantly kill enemies or deal extra damage for bosses. Left and Right movement is available while firing. Note: You can't put SP into this directly. It uses Rapid Fire. If you have Continual Aiming on a monster then the bombs will only hit that mob. All Rapid Fire hypers affect this.
LV30: MP Cost: 9, Damage: 325%, Number of Hits: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Defense Ignored: +40% - 5th Bomb on Bosses: Damage: 800%, Number of Hits: 4, Critical Rate: +100% - Attack Rate: 360 ms, Duration: 1100 ms

Our boat is back baby! And bigger, badder, and boaty-er. It's everything our old boat wished it could be, plus more. I can't put into words how much joy this skill brings to my heart.

NEW Quick Draw
Your next attack will have increased damage. You will have a chance to enable this skill by attacking. You are required to stop attacking to activate this buff.
LV10: Damage: +30% - Passive Effect - 8% chance to enable while attacking

Another great skill to the corsair arsenal. It forms great synergy with our boat and head shot, increasing our Single target DPM. I enjoy using this skill then headshotting, it also brings a smile to my face.

Changed Skills
Ahoy Mateys [skill=ID1013]
Master Level increased to 15 from 10

Not much to say about this.

Parrotargeting [skill=ID1009]
Master Level reduced to 10 from 20

Not much to say bout this.

Eight-Legs Easton [skill=ID1011]
Damage increased from 590% to 649%
Max Monsters hit increased from 6 to 8.

Added hypers to the skill once again, though we lost the skill which adds an extra line. The loss of a line of damage makes it lose a lot of potential damage, which also encourages people to use Broadside over Easton.

Jolly Rodger [skill=ID1012]
Attack % increased from 10 to 20

Moar damage! More explosions and more EXP! wewt!

New Hyper Skills:
Sorry the game's offline right now so i can't pull up much.
No Cooldown head shot!
Rapid fire Range +50 range
Rapid Fire Boss Killer +20% boss dmg on RF
Rapid fire damage +20% damage on RF
More will be added later!

All and all , R.E.D. was good for corsairs, i love the boat, i love the new playstyle. Their just awesome. This update makes me glad to be a captain of the high seas. I would NOT recommend you to make a gunslinger for the ring due to the issues with Scurvy Summons. It's not worth it. You won't be able to enjoy the full corsair experience without the summons but that doesn't give you an excuse to not try this amazing class!

The Corsair Theme song!
#PirateLyfe #SinkorSwim #BoatStyle #ThePirateLife #Captian
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I really dislike the change to Cross Cut Blast. I was used to not having to buff most of the time because it was just a constant skill. Now I actually have two full macros of buffs.

It's kinda hard to judge just how much we got better because of the bug with Scurvy Summons. I've used it at Zak when I'm down to just the body and it works really well because it absorbs all of the statuses he can throw at me but other than a few stationary bosses that I've tried I can't judge how it will be.

Wings is badly made. I don't know how they coded the skill but they really need to find a better way to do it because most of the time it doesn't glide unless you can time it perfectly. Still a good thing that they changed it from the old version though.

I really like the diversity that we have in fourth job with our skills. Originally I thought it was really pointless to have that many attacking skills until I saw that they were all situation based. Rapid Fire is the only one that really has no purpose any more and I still use it occasionally just to have different ways to kill.
Dec 10 2013

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