Sad Mask
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My updated collection 2017 Screen

By elnath

elnath Level 85 Scania Chief Bandit Trill Guild
Feb 02 2017 My collection updated 2017 hope you like it.

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cannoneer Level 210 Scania Cannoneer 4
How much are those old Agent C Receiver earrings worth now? Been trying to find some for a while.
Feb 02 2017
derkion Level 162 Bera Night Lord
I saw some in bera sold for like 500-700m
Feb 02 2017
matttran Level 202 Reboot Demon Slayer 1
can you mask any of the masks (smiling, frowning, or sad)?
Feb 02 2017
dailytroll Level 70 Bera Beginner
No dark avenger? Meh. But props to dragon gauntlet.
Feb 05 2017
trungster Level 5 Aquila Evan 5th Growth
hey nice collection im a collector from bera was wondering if u would sell/trade some of ur collectibles check out my youtube channel full of collects SpeedyYuom msg me on discord also SpeedyYuom#6846
Oct 28 2017

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