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My version of empress cygnus? Screen

By sinakone123 empress cygnus

sinakone123 Level 205 Bellocan Night Lord
Jul 08 2011 just a quicky, wanted to use up a pen i found at work hope ya like it i guess haha

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Snowybolts Level 207 Bera Luminous 4
Amazing :o
+1 like
Jul 08 2011
LEGENDairy Level 112 Scania Wind Archer 3
I dunno but that kinda scares me. If anything its like a half angel and half devil...still a good work of art.
Jul 08 2011
Nice but when i saw it on front page i thought it was druidmight
Jul 08 2011
Shinzo Level 174 Arcania Blade Master
She looks fat because she has too many feathers on her arms. Great way to use up a pen.
Jul 08 2011

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