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My views on the maple community has been completely changed

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reedpipes Level 201 Scania Xenon 4
I tried asking (without pestering) the people from my alliance for fame but no one responded.

So then, I went to mp3 and asked for fame throughout the channels (I tried to not be annoying and tried to be personable with the people by typing without spelling mistakes, using emoticons, taking off my ridiculously looking marbas hat) and I got 10 fame!

I thought that I would actually lose fame by asking at mp3, but I didn't! The first few people I asked either said that they already used it, no, or they didn't respond at all. But then, I slowly gathered more and more fame until I got to 20! (I started off with 10). I'm pretty amazed/surprised/happy about it right now, if you ask me. I didn't actually think people were this nice in maple.
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chao195 Level 160 Bera Marksman
I'm still dissapointed in basil (too many people like him ^ )
Apr 08 2012
cyaniede Level 70 Windia Cannoneer 3
Why is fame even important?
Apr 08 2012
Why is fame even important?[/quote]

20 fame is needed for some equips.
Apr 08 2012
DLiu456 Level 220 Chaos Hero See what games, anime & art DLiu456 is intoDLiu456
Probably because all the douchy Maplers were at the Aliens in NLC.
Apr 08 2012
wizardq Level 199 Galicia F/P Arch Mage
I just hate the people in an alliance that don't talk.
Apr 08 2012
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