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My weird key setup Screen

By litvietcutie

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MagykFist Level 200 Scania Paladin
My old man? (looks at your ign). Or maybe it's my bad reading skills in Vietnamese.

OT: Oh trust me, mine is weirder. I use the number keys to attack.
Dec 11 2010
hardballer Level 201 Broa Bow Master
im starting to think people just rearrange their keys and then say its their actual settings -_____-" this one here is just ridiculous

and @above using number keys isnt that weird if youve played anything like WoW
Dec 12 2010
donlolme Level 80 Bellocan Mihile 3
I love the censoring in this one. I don't see how you can train efficiently with a setup like this though..
Dec 12 2010
thats not weird at all....
mine is weird, my pots ar not anywhere near my attack and arrow keys.
i move my hands to pot xD
Dec 12 2010
Ign means your hubby or her hubby. My girl used to play so its a match with the ign.
I only use left hand/fingers the most. Right hand just for movement.
Dec 14 2010

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