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NEW Monster Park PQ Video

By battleox288

battleox288 Level 211 Scania Mechanic 4
Mar 18 2011 Looks fun. =D

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khosa00 Level 145 Bellocan Paladin
More interested in monsters exp.
is this test server or is it out?
Mar 18 2011
You can clearly see in the video the new DrK skill, new Heaven's Hamemr animation and if you notice, New animation for charged blow. It's different than blast.
Mar 18 2011
Looks boring lol i love the song Narsha ftw<3
Mar 18 2011
so if he got ~5% in this 4 minute video at 160 how fast will the 3rd gate place be when it's released >.>
Mar 18 2011
Glinda21 Level 181 Broa Zero Transcendent
So its monster only dojo... Exciting
Mar 18 2011
boom2121 Level 203 Scania Paladin
Oo this looks fun, and I love this song!
Mar 18 2011

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