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NW or NL for returning player?

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thiefmaster11 Level 164 Bera Night Walker 4
Hey guys, short question. So, I'm just back from a pretty long break because of fifth job and was just curious what would be better,a night lord or a night walker. I currently have a 184 night lord and a 164 night walker, and am planning on semi-funding one of them to start doing some bosses, but mostly just to be able to effectively level up to 200ish. Could someone just give me a really quick breakdown of which is better for training, which is better for bossing, and maybe which is more fun from your perspective? Thanks guys =D
Posted: December 2016 Permalink


xxwinterk9xx Level 120 Scania Evan 9th Growth
NL's are waay easier to train because of their mobbing skills. NW's have like 2 mobbing skills and 1 is super slow and the other has a Cd. NW's however have amazing bossing potential cause of their hyper skill and overall damage. NL's 5th job skill gives them crazy bossing potential as well but idk the comparison between them for bossing atm.
Dec 29 2016
paullee112895 Level 176 Windia Battle Mage 4
Take this as a grain of salt but I heard from smartboards youtube channel that NW's have a higher DPS than NL's. Also going on from what xxwinterk9xx said, NL's have a wayyyyyy better mobbing skill than NW's. So in summary it all depends on what you want to do. Do you want to invest more time in bossing? Than go for NW. Or do you want to spend more time grinding? Than go for NL. That's what I would think. In addition, I think that the different between a nightlord and night walkers dps isn't that big of a difference considering the fact that it only takes an additional few seconds to finish off a boss with a NL. So I would personally go for NL's if I were you.
Dec 31 2016
ieatrice08 Level 204 Windia Blade Master
Nowadays Nightlord outclass nightwalkers in terms of offensive capabilities. Mobbing nightlord is on par with luminous while nw is pretty average in that regard. Thanks to the 5th job skill ,spread throw, nightlord has similar or more amount of lines than nw and they have higher damage % than nw. Scaling between the two is the same as both classes do not have high scaling buffs and their weapon multiplier is exactly the same. However, night walker have binds, better mobility w/ backstep, and sustain with bats making nw a better overall bosser. If you wanna just be well rounded go for nightlord but if youre aiming to boss go night walker.
Jan 03 2017
cocopuffs Level 151 Reboot Cannoneer 4
Play both of them and decide for yourself.

Everyone likes different things about the classes they play, and nobody can really tell you what you will like.
Jan 05 2017

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