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Name wipes and other things

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skecchi Level 203 Scania Blade Master
So I haven't played maple in a few months or so.
I came back and decided to try playing reboot again. I played it for a while on release and got bored fairly quickly.
I'm sitting on the character creation screen trying to think of a name. On a whim I type in my characters name from 10+ years ago. Lo and behold it accepts my name!
I am absolutely baffled. After the name wipe that happened a while back I was no longer able to use that name. It kept telling me that I couldn't use it rather than "that name is already in use".
I would occasionally attempt to use the name on a whim as I did today. Of course always the same "You cannot use that name" message.

TL;DR: I got my old name that the game wouldn't allow me to use before.
Have the restrictions been slacked up on and I missed that or something?
(Also this is a big deal for me. What class/world should my character be on? I'm stacked in Scania but I'm bored there. Reboot?)
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That message only shows up whenever there is a censored word in the name or if one of the Nexon staff is also using that name.
Or they didn't update it for some reason so that it doesn't register that there's a character with that name (since it is wiped, there wasn't).
Aug 13 2017
skecchi Level 203 Scania Blade Master
@helpingly: I don't even see what would be censored in your name. I know it was the ecchi part of my name of course.
Aug 16 2017

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