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Need a new antivirus software

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modsaredumb Level 84 Khaini Dragon Knight See what games, anime & art modsaredumb is intoModsAreDumb
AVAST has been acting more and more like a virus over the years, constantly putting ads on my screen for me to use Chrome, constantly telling me to use Google, constantly telling me they stopped 805,573,578,999,666 trillion viruses last year, trying to download plugins all over Firefox, and now they just freaking downloaded and installed their POS web browser on my computer, and are now trying to tell me to use that stupid thing!

I'd search up a good antivirus list but loads of those lists are bought and paid for advertisements as well. Avast is going down the toilet and I need a new antivirus program that isn't a hypocritical virus itself. Are there any programs better out there?
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@sirkibble: AVG has been bought by Avast ($1.3 billion), so if OP hates Avast I'd also suggest that they avoid AVG.

I'd also second the recommendation of Avira. Windows Defender is also good as well anyways if you're looking for a lightweight alternative (although many reviews will rank it fairly low in comparison to others. Judge for yourself though.). Most importantly: practice safe browsing habits. Don't download anything suspicious... don't go on any suspicious websites, also use Malwarebytes in conjunction with your anti-virus, etc.
Jul 17 2016
+1 @sirkibble: Same as Windows Defender.

I forgot about Bitdefender. I haven't used it, but many AV tests have stated it as a very good alternative as well (maybe even the best). There is a free version if you Google it (pretty well hidden, but it's there).
Jul 17 2016
modsaredumb Level 84 Khaini Dragon Knight See what games, anime & art modsaredumb is intoModsAreDumb
@readers: Yea I used to use AVG a loooooong time ago but switched to Avast. But I sure as hell ain't going back if it's bought out by Avast. So Avira and Bitdefender eh? And what's this malwarebytes program thing?

I've been using the internet since my first Windows ME computer way back when lol. I've got good internet safety habits engraved into me. Honestly I feel like at least 95% of the antivirus protection comes from my habits and that Avast is just sitting there doing nothing but throwing ads at my face and DL crap w/o my permission.

But I'll look at the 3 programs you suggested. Trying to get rid of this nonsense ASAP.
Jul 17 2016
@modsaredumb: Malwarebytes is an anti-malware application. Malware by definition comprises of anything ranging from viruses and trojans to even spyware and adware that are more annoying than debilitating.

Malwarebytes isn't meant to serve as a replacement for any anti-virus application, but it can be used to find lots of other things that an anti-virus may not be able to (just simply because an anti-virus has a different function).

Edit: Admittedly I haven't used Avira as of recently (currently on Windows Defender). I don't recall it being that intrusive with ads and etc., although others recently [url=]are suggesting[/url] otherwise. So if Avira doesn't work out, refer to the other options.
Jul 18 2016
burning Level 200 Khaini F/P Arch Mage
I use MSE (now Microsoft Defender) and had made the switch to that program because it had the least issues with the games I played years ago. Most of my security comes from preventative measures as browser security plugins - adblocker and script blockers.

I'm negligent with my home PC security because I just don't get malware.
Jul 18 2016
doorslam Level 120 Scania Hunter
My IT teacher recommends Comodo Dragon.
Jul 18 2016
neveraddaplayer Level 10 Broa Citizen See what games, anime & art neveraddaplayer is intokhdasdasd
common sense 2016
who needs an antivirus if you don't go around downloading random things
lol @ winblows users
Jul 19 2016
soundfix Level 201 Reboot Xenon 4
I have this feeling your comp has caught some adware from bundled softwares.
Do a scan with [url=]Malwarebytes [/url] to see if anything pops up.
Maybe a second scan with AdwCleaner also.
If nothing comes up you can purchase the former option, as by far I've found it to be the lightest and most effective anti-virus soft.

EDIT: It should be noted that I recall only certain versions of Malwarebytes serve as an AV layer. I dont believe it functions completely as anti-virus unless you purchase a license of sorts.
Jul 19 2016
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