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Need a new class

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orenreaver Level 121 Reboot Aran 4
Hi everyone I have made a lot of characters this past week and every single character I have made has been extremely unique and fun. I would like to ask opinions as to what class more experienced players or veterans could recommend. Classes I have already played - Dark Knight, Aran, Kaiser, Demon avenger, Dawn Warrior, Hayato, Luminous, I/L wizard, Thunder Breaker, Shade, Dual Blade, Phantom, Wild Hunter.
Posted: July 2016 Permalink


traitor Level 200 Scania Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art traitor is intoTraitor
Take "Making Decisions 101", step one is: do what you like. Every class is fun, just how much do you wanna dedicate yourself to it? Which one do you like best? Just don't fund them all at the same time because it will be extremely hard to "git gud".
Jul 05 2016
slybeing Level 144 Scania Xenon 4 See what games, anime & art slybeing is intoSlyBeing
For me it's Evan because of the great story, the dragon and skills.
then Wind archer and Xenon both cause they have cool skills
Jul 05 2016
pinyin Level 107 Zenith Beginner
You'll end up making most if not all classes for either link skill or character cards.
I see you ain't listed kanna so i suggest make that. They lv up quite fast and it's the most popular class to farm mesos with.
Jul 05 2016

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