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Need help deciding which skin to get?

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frostdrake54 Level 142 Bera I/L Arch Mage
Hi all,

I just wanted to ask which skin would be better in the long run in terms of the meta in league of legends. I only have enough for one or the other, but i can't decide which skin to get. So i was hoping you'd guys help me choose.

I've been debating on getting either Demon vi or project fiora. as of right now, i'm leaning towards fiora cause she's really strong after her rework and is a good top laner. But i was wondering if it was possible to top lane with vi. I haven't really played vi much and i feel as if she's weaker than fiora right now. however, vi's demon skin is very nice and i wanted to see if it was worth buying before the sale ends in 2 hrs. Thank you all in advance!
Posted: October 2015 Permalink


thewolf Level 115 Scania Ranger
vi because , project fiora too common
Oct 25 2015
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
Yeah screw off of Chat please.
Oct 26 2015
shamieekill Level 43 Windia Cannoneer 2
Although they're right, dam tough audience.
(But guys, I dont think ONE league thread in the Chat section is going to give you terminal cancer.)

OT: Well, first see what is your visually appealing to you.
If you dont care about that, I would go for the VI one. It looks better and Vi is ALMOST always a meta jungler (or at least Vi-able <~~~~~~~~). Then again, if you think you're not a good Vi, go with fiora.
Oct 26 2015

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