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Need to look for gaming laptop, help

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Coordination Level 50 Scania Dawn Warrior 2
I'm going to best buy, so whats a good, cheap laptop that can run games (games from steam like tf2)

- it would be helpful if i get a link from to know what laptop to get

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juliacat Level 122 Broa Bow Master
Ok i know people are going to yell at me for being an idiot or whatever for mentioning the word Alienware but:
I recently ordered an m14x Alienware laptop, and it's pretty good with gaming, though some may argue it's a bt overpriced.
I got on sale though
Jun 09 2013
arkrana Level 200 Windia Shadower
Gaming...laptop? Why not a desktop, Laptops can and will overheat extremely quickly[/quote]

Some people don't like dragging a whole desktop around to game. xD Though I've seen it happen.
Jun 09 2013
j1mhalpert206 Level 159 Scania Phantom 4
Origin EON17-S <<< i want want waaaaaaaaant! >.<
Jun 09 2013
Suryoyo Level 207 Scania Bishop
i can only say, don't buy a HP or Acer laptop
Jun 09 2013
arkrana Level 200 Windia Shadower
@HopesAnchor: Well some people do it.
But I'm talking about people who go to LAN parties, travel a lot, etc.
Jun 09 2013
Coordination Level 50 Scania Dawn Warrior 2
Ehh I don't know the gb I need lol
Jun 09 2013
BBD Level 122 Zenith Buccaneer
I don't recommend laptops for gaming.
But if I was you I will just focus on the Processor and RAM, so look for anything with Intel Core i7 or i5 and keep an eye out for GDDR3 Ram.
Other stuff that, a **basic** gaming laptop should everything else included that is needed.
Also for hard drive space try to look for anything higher than 500GB.
Jun 09 2013
Quickjumper7 Level 23 Windia
Alienware's on sale right now in preparation for new models, so it is a better deal than usual. That is, if the options you want haven't sold out.
Also, whatever you buy, you'll probably want to buy the RAM and a nice SSD aftermarket.

What size screen are you looking for? Hard drive size? Do you prefer glossy or matte screens? Even more importantly, what do you consider cheap? Your budget will be the limiting factor.
Jun 09 2013
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