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Never Have i Ever

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never have i ever ATE A DOG
Posted: May 2014 Permalink


mitarumetaro Level 183 Demethos Bishop
...I don't see any questions
May 25 2014
AugustRain Level 185 Scania Bow Master
Never have I ever traveled to a different galaxy to save a prince from getting brutally murdered by a princess.[/quote]

me neither xo.

never have i ever had anal sex.
May 25 2014
nindow Level 179 Scania Dark Knight
never have i ever had done what the above person hasnt done.

never have i ever had driven a car.
May 25 2014
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
Never have I ever understood this game.
May 25 2014
cooldude384 Level 66 Windia Bandit
@fradddd Never will I understand this game.

Never have I gotten a speeding ticket.
May 25 2014
Ipodninja Level 193 Khaini Wind Archer 4
Never have i ever pictured myself as Bill Cosby in a bath robe kneeling in front of Mr. T's naked body.
May 25 2014
HiggyBaby Level 200 Broa Jett 4
Never have a ever not gotten hard by imagining what @Ipodninja said
May 25 2014
Singtothelost Level 210 Khaini Paladin
Never have a ever not gotten hard by imagining what @Ipodninja said[/quote]

oh, I did.

Never have I ever thanked Nexon for being such a wonderful business.
May 25 2014

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